First Steps in Minimalism: 1

In Feb this year I basically moved back into my flat. It was my friends increasing rage as we spent two days reverse tetrising a 25 sq ft storage unit back into my flat that really was the hint that I had too much stuff. And the half a garage at my mothers, the bed at my fathers and the two plants at a friends.

I realised I needed to do something about it. Why had I kept, then boxed up, then moved (twice) 30+ back copies of Vanity Fair? Why did I have two copies of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason on DVD? And what actually was in my mothers garage?

Queue a montage of charity giveaways, recycling, rubbish clearance and eBay sales. Some progress was made. But now its time to get serious. That’s right – its time to refer to a Guardian Lifestyle article.

Step 1: Decide why you’re becoming a minimalist

  • My flat is teeny tiny
  • I am on very tight budget so I need to curb my worst buying excesses
  • I think I might occasionally form attachments to objects rather than people. I am working on that.

3 thoughts on “First Steps in Minimalism: 1

  1. Great Post! I finally realized the same thing near two years ago. Moving, again! Why am I continuing to bring all these things with me, boxes of dvds, cds, magazine, so many clothes, etc. I could have easily had 20 junk drawers too. Continue the good work on being minimalist and remember, it’s all about the experience in living, not our possessions.


    1. Ah thanks 🙂 Its going to be tough, but getting it there and talking about it is starting to make me think about my attachment to objects.

      Lets see how it goes…


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