First Steps in Minimalism: 2

The Minimalism Game

The rules are simple – on day 1, remove 1 thing. One day 2, remove 2 things. Each thing must be out of the house by midnight each day. I have applied some other rules:

  1. I am starting today, not the beginning of the month. This is not because I am super proactive, but because I am away for 11 days next month and that would be cheating.
  2. I am aiming to recycle 85% of things removed, but don’t want to go to the tip/charity shop everyday. So there is a box in the back of the car which is now designated as extraterritorial, existing in a space somewhere outside that which is normally defined as my house.

So – item 1: the old router. It was replaced last month. It has lived by the bin ever since. Bye bye router, into the box you go.

3 thoughts on “First Steps in Minimalism: 2

  1. Hi! I’m on the #minsgame bandwagon too! I’ve gotten rid of one clock, some old aerobics DVDs, some sort of surge protector (still in its packet), 4 umbrellas (i know right!?), I did a pantry clean out and found a bunch of stuff to put in the bin on day 8. I’ve missed three days due to being busy so I’ll backtrack and make up for days 5, 6, and 7! 18 things all at once is going to be tough.

    I already did a massive clean up before I started the mins game. I knew I needed a trash and treasure sale to get momentum happening with this newfound approach to simplicity in life. I thought it would be cheating to do the mins game before my big trash and treasure clean up. I must be on my way to simplicity after my trash and treasure sale up because I’m struggling to find things to clear out!


  2. Hello!

    I also did a big clear out (in a massive rage from having to move all my stuff back into my house!) and I am a bit worried I might not make the 30 days, but then I also looked in a cupboard a realised I had enough plates to feed 11 people, despite living by myself and never having entertained more than 4 people. So that is being saved to a desperate day…

    Please keep in touch, I’d love to hear how your getting on 🙂


  3. Ooh, this is a really interesting idea… I wish I’d found this two weeks ago! (I head to New Zealand shortly and so won’t have time to do it before I go)
    I’ll have to remember this in the future!
    – Abby


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