Mins Game: Day 5 to 7

So been away with work, super stressed. Come home and purge 3 days at once. FEELS SO GOOD!

Day 5: 3 shot glasses bought for me from random locations (not sure what those people were trying to say), 2 coats that I don’t like because their arms are too short. As are the arms on all coats. You think I would give in and admit I have ridiculously out of proportion arms and hit up Long Tall Sally.

Day 6: 3 waist belts (hello 2007), one super inaccurate kitchen timer (I feel a bit guilty on passing that one on to charity shop), a PG Tips free toy (hello 2005) and a totally useless and overly complicated heat pack which enraged me so much on my first use it got thrown into a cupboard at force and forgotten about. Which is an important lesson for everyone – don’t frustrate a girl with menstrual cramps.

Day 7 – Hi-vis jacket and emergency triangle from my old company car (thanks Lex Autolease, I really didn’t need that as a reminder of the Golf but OK), two cushion inners, one cushion cover, a pack of mainly advertising from the place I bought my bike the other month and a dead Kindle charger.

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