Mins Game: Day 8 and 9

Friday was cookbook purge day… Delia Smiths epic “How to Cook” has had a reprieve, but “Low Sugar No Sugar” (all minging, sugar rocks), “30 Minute Cookbook” (lies, all lies), “Cupcakes” (seriously?) and “The British Energy Cookbook” (I have never worked for this company, why do I have this?).

On top of that, a tube of hand cream and another of foot cream. I want to be that person who religiously moisturises their hands and feet, but if I haven’t started doing it in the 3+ years I’ve had these then probably not going to happen. And finally two end of wallpaper rolls that I literally have no idea why I was keeping.

Saturday was way more kitchen based – two sets of loose redbush tea, which I could never really get on board with (bagged tea 4 life, call me a philistine, I don’t care), a random Krispy Kreme tin and a 6 never used mugs of varying sizes…

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