Mins Game: Day 20 to 23

I’m not going to list out the things I got rid of on this round. I’ve hit the target for the days, but I’m struggling. Not because there isn’t stuff to get rid off, but because I’ve finally stopped avoiding the almost elephant sized mountain of crap in the room. This stuff came from my mums; a lot of it are the pictures I used to have in the flat which I took down to move. We aren’t talking rare art works here – its postcards from museums mainly in cheap Ikea frames, and I have’t really missed having them on my wall.  But I can’t get rid of them. I also can’t get rid of a paper mobile my best friend made me. So for now I’ve put the pictures and the mobile away to come back to.

Having this issue has made me realise that I have been avoiding confronting the boxes from my mums, amongst other things. I thought I was being super clever getting rid of a lot of other stuff, but actually I was sub-consciously skirting a lot of items that I have emotional investment in (rightly or wrongly). I know there are another two areas that I will need to deal with, but will be incredibly difficult – my university stuff and my memory box. I have decided that I am not going to include these in the Mins Game, as I think trying to include them will discourage me to the point of not dealing with the remaining stuff.

I am determined to deal with these areas, but with enough time to process the emotions attached to them. This isn’t something I’m brilliant at – sometimes I’m not even concious of having an emotional reaction, or if I am concious trying to suppress it out of existence. However, I think that if I approach this gently, without beating myself up, then I can resolve these areas.

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