Mins Game: Day 24 to 26

The last three days have been much easier, but only because the other two boxes I bought from my mums actually contained a load of crap! 1 box was any issue straight over to the charity box (after a bit of cleaning)…. honestly, there was a carrier bag just full of ice cream sticks. I have no idea where they came from, or what I was planning on doing with them.

The tight drawer also got a blitz, and the ‘Nora Batty’ collection has been destroyed. I still have about 15 pairs, and now they are all cleaned and washed as well 🙂

I did manage to go back to one item that I was struggling with on the last round of clearing – a slightly odd green nodding toy thing powered by sunlight – that my sister got me whilst I was at university. Birthdays and Christmas have always been a bit fraught for me (and the wider family), so when my sister got me this I loved it – it was very me at the time (Japanese kitsch phase) . It sat on my desk up in the 6 bedroom semi-slum I lived in for my final year. Since then it has done the rounds of houses with, but has been packed away since I moved in 2012. I hope that someone will pick it up for 50p in a charity shop for their daughter or grand-daughter and put it in the sun and love it.

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