Hong Kong, China and Macau (Part 2)

After finishing the beers and pizzas, we finally called it a night at just gone 4am, agreeing to meet at 10am. Of course the boys didn’t show, so I decided to go out and explore. Plus I was very hungover and in need to liquid and sustenance.

Despite my hideous state, I absolutely loved Hong Kong from the first moment I stepped out. It was very hot, very humid, and very busy. I headed to the waterfront to explore, and spent about an hour wandering in the Sheung Wan area, just taking photos and being generally touristy. Eventually I headed back and managed to get the boys out. After coffee and lunch we agreed to head to Tian Tan Buddha on Lantua Island. It was an odd place – completed in 1993, it feels older but with the convenience of new amenities.

When we got back we decided to head to Victoria Peak for sunset, however the mass of people quickly put us off that idea, so we called it a day with Vietnamese noodles and a couple of quiet beers across the street from our hotel.

The next day we checked out, stored our bags and headed out to Victoria Peak again; it appeared that the crowds had stayed there all night just to wait for us. Eventually we got up to the top, and it was so worth it. Ignoring the mall (!) we headed around the peak on 2.5km circular walk – the boys bitched but they enjoyed it really.

Eventually we headed back down, and set off on a mission I had been given before we went away – to visit my mums old school from the 1970’s (bloody colonials etc.). Now on the map it was really close to the Peak Tram stop, which to be fair when you looked up the giant hill it was. There was a lot of bitching this time, some of it from me. But we got there, took some photos of a fairly generic 70’s building, and I get super kudos child points, so all worth it.

After a stop off at a 7/11 for water, snacks and ice lollies we picked up our bags and headed to the Chinese border. A super chatty taxi driver entertained us, and let us pay in RMB as we had run out of HKD, which was nice of him. We managed to negotiate the foot crossing into China, with some patience from the border staff after we failed to follow simple signs and processes, and managed to pick up a proper black cab (awesome!) to “our” hotel in Shenzhen.

“Our” hotel turned out to actually only be the boys hotel – there are apparently TWO Sunflower Hotels in Shenzhen. Mine looked ropey as hell whereas theirs was lovely, so I selflessly offered to sleep on their couch in exchange for the total of zero money. They looked thrilled, but to be fair they had a whole upstairs bedroom to do whatever they needed to do together.

After that we picked up with the ex-pats ex-girlfriend (confusing) for a lush meal, and the first of many bowls of dumplings. A stop off at a way too trendy nightclub followed, but we managed to be sensible and call early doors. The same could not be said for the next night…

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