Hong Kong, China and Macau (Part 3)

Sensibleness went completely out of the window the following day. We went to meet the ex-pat (last seen drinking with us at 4am on a street in Hong Kong), who worked as a golf pro in one of Chinas new courses. This was pretty interesting, not least because the taxi driver decided to photograph me halfway through the journey. The new middle classes of China are very keen on golf, and we met a 9 year old girl with a serious ability and even more serious parents.

After escaping the course we went for a couple of drinks at the ex-pats flat, and enjoyed the pleasure of a Chinese liquor called Baijiu. It really is quite vile. Favouring any activity that would mean we didn’t have to drink any more, we headed out for beer, dice games and food. One trendy bar and 3 litres of beer down, we headed for a cheap outdoor place selling the most amazing food we had on the trip. I wish I had photos; I wish even more that I could steal the chef and take them home with me. 6 litres of beer later, and we had made friends. Lots of friends. And they all had more beer, and hospitality dictated that we had to drink it.

At midnight, a sensible and mature decision was made to go right through to our morning flight. Which is exactly what we did. I can’t really describe much more; I know that there was a lot of drinking, some games, more food, heavy rain and singing the British and Chinese national anthems. It was properly a night like no other. And it was totally worth the horror of trying to navigate a Chinese airport at 6am to get a flight to Beijing whilst still completely smashed…

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