Stressy stress head post with a bit of minimalism…

There has been a lot going on at the moment – I have listed my flat for sale and got an offer, work is ramping up for another big project and my sister has just had her second child. In addition a close friend is going through an awful personal situation, and training for a half marathon is eating up any remaining time (well not this week, I completely flaked out).

Basically I’m stressed to hell. I’ve had two days of bouncing of the walls hyper in the last two weeks, and I haven’t eaten properly because I haven’t got any food in. So I’m taking some steps to help myself:

  1. I’m getting my food in for the rest of the month tomorrow
  2. I’m eating 3 meals a day. No skipping lunch, this helps no one, especially the poor people who work around me
  3. For the next three weeks I am sticking to my contracted hours at work – if things can’t be done in that time then so be it
  4. I am only going away with work once again this month
  5. Tomorrow I am blitzing the rest of the housework/personal admin/boring stuff, then pouring everything else onto a To Do list with a deadline for the end of the month
  6. I’m getting back on track with the running training
  7. I am not going to accept the flat offer for less than its worth
  8. I am not going to go house hunting until October
  9. I’m going to confront some emotional shit
  10. On the 1st October I am going to the Miss Minimalist 30 day challenge

Just writing this down has helped to clarify my thoughts. So lets go! 🙂

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