All change in a new city

A hideous 4 months have gone by without me posting; basically everything got very manic for a period of time… but as I write this now I am looking back with a smile, because I believe that it is all leading to a good place.

So what has changed? Well…

I live in London now, not Manchester. Manchester is still my first love; me and London have not been getting on that well. My feelings about London will, I’m sure, be expressed in some fairly long, ranty posts in coming weeks.

I see my boyfriend like 3 times a week instead of 2 times a month. It is pretty cool; I mean he’s left a phone charger here. That is the modern equivalent of the stealth toothbrush drop as far as I am concerned.

I live in a rented 2 bedroom flat instead of an owned studio apartment. The space is excellent, especially the tiny back garden. The flat itself is not. Expect more blogs showing only the dull ‘before’ and glamorous ‘after’ photos, and none of the swearing, sweaty, angry reality that actually accompanies my DIY-ing.

I have a spanking new computer that actually works!

I gave up running after a brush with sciatic nerve issues, which was, quite literally, a pain in the arse.


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