Minimalism – Thoughts and Starting to Remove 100 Things

It has been 11 months since I started down the minimalist road, and whilst it hasn’t been a constant journey in terms of physically removing items, I truly believe that I have changed my mental attitude towards consumption of goods. I think the quote below, from The Minimalists website sums up this change:

Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. 

My main change has basically been to stop buying goods. I just don’t shop anymore. For a while this meant I just stopped going into malls or other shopping areas to avoid temptation, but now that desire has pretty much gone. I still have crazy moments (£5 spent on an old shelving unit and a stolen recycled shelf abandoned in a shop front), but I just don’t feel the need to randomly shop. The key to this change is, I believe, the implementation of a really strict budget last year. Originally this was to raise money for a deposit on a second house, when it looked like the sale of my flat was not going to be a goer. Happily these issues got resolved, and so the money saved could be combined with the equity from the sale of the flat for a much larger deposit, which I will absolutely need if I am ever to live mortgage free in my own space. And essentially this is my number one goal in life, which I think I have only just realised.

In the short term, having a strict budget has helped me achieve another important thing for me – to move to London. It has enabled me to get a 2 bed flat, and support it without having to rent the 2nd room out. I may look to Airbnb the room, but the freedom from not having to share with a stranger, and to have space for people to stay and for me to work, is just so good. It also means my boyfriend can move in, he will have space, and we can continue to build on our relationship. This is all more important than a new top from Primark.

But there is still room for improvement; things to get rid off, costs to cut, life changes to make. Some of these are long burns, but to get things started again I decided to try and remove another 100 items. I knew this would be hard, since I felt like I had got rid of a lot of stuff already. I started on 7th February, and in basically I have only got to 68 things. Which sucks. So I am redoubling my efforts, starting NOW. I think progress on this will be slow, but I will provide updates as I go, until I hit that magic 100.


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