A Weekend in the Countryside

It has been a trying week. At some point I will write about it all, but for now I’ll just say that I start a new job in 3 weeks and that I am very much enjoying my garden leave from my old employer. In the meantime a weekend away with good people (and happily completely unconnected to my work) was a definite good thing. There was much drinking, and even more laughter.

The Location – East Sussex, 80 miles from London. Rural, beautiful, full of history and massive fancy houses.

The Building – Converted Oast House on a very nice country estate. The Oast House in question was a proper olde worlde English, used to dry hops as part of the brewing process but later converted to a lovely 8 bedroom cottage.

The People – Friends of the boyfriend; all good people who happily abuse the hell out of each other.




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