Minimalism – 74 items out of 100 Gone

I’m slowly eeking my way up to 100 items, which meant introducing a new rule:

  • Any item actually put to use (that was previously just living life ignored on a shelf) then this counts towards the 100.

The item in question was a scarf. I don’t mind the occasional scarf from a sartorial perspective, but unfortunately, it wasn’t really my style. But it was pretty, and had sentimental value – it was given to me after spending a week in a village outside Siam Reap, Cambodia with Action Aid to help build a library in August 2013. I also had a big blank wall in the back bedroom (thanks to a slightly stupid layout as previously discussed), so I thought, let’s get handy 🙂

After a quick trip to B&Q for some lengths of 15mm wood, and digging around in my memory to 1997 for woodworking lessons, I (badly) constructed a frame in the backyard. It basically relied on the principle that masking tape works on everything. I was going to put up instructions but I wouldn’t advise anyone to follow this method…

After a few hours for the glue to dry (and the masking tape to settle in), I stretched some white fabric over the frame (recycled from some really horrible curtains that were up in the flat before I moved in – not counted towards to the total loss because half the curtain is still on a shelf), then the scarf. Obviously, I hammered my own thumb a couple of times, but I managed not to destroy any treasured item, or injure myself seriously.

So all in, happy days!


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