Minimalism – 74 to 84 Out of 100 Items Gone, Plus Shopping Relapse

One of the things I love about following a more minimalist trend is that things you once saved, on second (or third, or fourth review) suddenly can just go. Or items that have just blended into the background stuff suddenly leap out as being eligible for a swift removal.

Unfortunately, not being the perfect Minimalist, this story starts with a shopping relapse. I stand by the original shopping need – to buy a super king size duvet, 2 covers and 8 pillowcases – as otherwise the on-going heavily one-sided double duvet tussle with my boyfriend would have ended with separation/violence/murder. Some internet shopping later, and I had been seduced by a department stores sale, but had spent £300+. I had buyer’s remorse almost immediately, and once I had picked the items up, it got even worse. £300 on bedding is ridiculous, and was all my money for doing other things to the house.

So, I was procrastinating before actually opening the bedding, and possibly having to live with my decision because, as we all know, bedding is the Pandora’s box of bought items; onces it’s out of the packaging it is never going back in. And that procrastination led me to do all the other small tasks in my bedroom, and free up:

  • An Ikea shelf unit and 2 boxes – not included in these 10 items as not sold yet
  • 1 other box to be used as a laundry basket, so I could get rid of my 2 bodge job laundry sacks that I made about 3 years ago
  • The items that were in the 3 boxes went into a now mended (mad DIY skills) chest of drawers, and got sorted to free up 2 pairs of tights and a broken makeup box – the crazy thing is I had previously saved all three items!
  • Now I was on a role, and still not wanting to deal with the bedding, so I went through the stuff in the bathroom and threw away another 5 old, manky flannels, which had blended seamlessly into ‘background stuff’, the crafty bastards.

By now though I had run out of tasks to ignore the bedding-white-elephant-in-the-room. So I went for it – I opened one of the pillowcase sets. And happy days – it was shiny! Shiny bedding = no no. And I could get it back into the packaging without it being obvious I had opened it! So back to the department store for a refund to return everything but the duvet (which was hella expensive but is AMAZING), and some much much cheaper (and non-shiny) covers. $150+ refund later, and I am a happy bunny.

As in previous posts, all this leads me to think about what is important to me vs. the desire of expensive products or (fake) savings. And I think that all this worked out to allow me to do what is important to me:

  • Maintain my commitment to minimalism by removing 100 items – because it gives me focus to make other changes in my life
  • Getting a large duvet – because it means I get a good night’s sleep, and don’t turn into a horrible moody sleep deprived bitch, which 100% happens, I know my weaknesses
  • Having enough money to spend on finishing the (cheap) decoration of my flat – because I like my homes to be pretty and aesthetically pleasing


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