Enjoying some ‘Me Time’ and Richmond Park

I have been proper slacking for the last two weeks; I still can’t go into why, but all will become clear soon. But having a lot of time on my hands has made me realise that I’m not as super productive as I think I am. 

So I think I’m pretty good at getting sh*t done. Being somewhat of a compulsive list maker, I generally have a daily, weekly and monthly list of stuff I’m going to do, or am mid-way through doing. But having a lot of free time recently, I’ve become aware that when I don’t have to fit the To Do list around work, the list doesn’t get any longer. I don’t add extra things, I just wile away the hours watching TV, reading or pottering about. Which is categorically not a bad thing – ‘me time’ is such an important and neglected element of self care. I have had to have a word with myself when I have been chastising my laziness, and remember that it’s not often I get to watch back to back morning TV (so good!) or stare reflectively at a pretty cherry blossom tree in the garden. So when I get back to being busy, I’m going to try and remember this, and maybe reduce the To Do lists a bit, and work in a bit more nap time.

One thing that was on the To Do list for this month was to explore Richmond Park, which is about 5 miles away. Originally I was going to cycle down, but then a random sunny Sunday, and although the boyfriend would clearly have preferred to sit in a pub watching the football, he reluctantly agreed to come on a visit. Which he totally loved! Well liked. OK tolerated. Let’s go with tolerated.

We parked at Sheen Gate, and to appease the grumbling male of the group, we first got ice cream (double cone, flake, chocolate sauce, obviously). Then we took a short cut across country to Henry’s Mound, which I had been reliably informed had an amazing view across the city to St Paul’s Cathedral. The park itself varies from well tended to more rural, and we saw most of it as the short cut really wasn’t. If you want to see deer as well, absolutely no problem. There are bloody loads, and they aren’t even slightly bothered about humans.

It was completely worth the walk – the view down to St Paul’s is amazing! The view is actually protected by law, and with the line of the trees in the park, and a restrictions on tall buildings in the city, you really can’t see anything but the cathedral. After seeing the view, and wandering around some lovely wooded areas, we walked back along the roads in the park, which seem to be primarily used by cyclists for laps. It looks very fun, and something I definitely want to give a try.

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