Minimalism – 94 out of 100 Items Gone

It has been so fricking crazy recently… getting a grip on a new job and a new city, and just an awesome but totally exhausting amount of socialising and flat DIY. So the minimalism vibes have gone on the back burner a bit, but I intend to hit 100 tomorrow at last!

One thing I have managed to do is to recycle a really cute distressed metal tea box that the crazy lady who lived in my flat before me had left on the front window. As I was in need of a new lamp*, I decided to turn it into a new light which would take the LED large bayonet bulb which has amazingly survived my clumsiness. After a bit of a mission, I found a really cheap clip on light from a hardware chain (GO WILKOS**), which was easily stripped down and reassembled inside the lamp.  I say easily… my last lesson in anything electrical was near on 20 years ago in high school woodworking and electronics with the scariest goddamn teacher in the entire world. Mr Flip-Top-Head, which we categorically DID NOT call him to his face, was very intense but man do I remember how to rewire a plug and strip wire.

After a few weeks test run, it was obvious that the lamp really needed a switch, so after a quick trip to Wilkos again and 5 minutes with the scissors, it was all up and running. I am super thrilled with the results and happy to have created something useful out of basically trash.

**The old lamp was apparently a foreshadowing of terrible events to come… the store it came from, which had traded since 1928 (!!) went into administration (similar to chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US) about a month ago, and today was finally put out of its misery when a buyer couldn’t be found. Now I’m scared of the predictive powers of my own clumsiness.

** Wilkos, or Wilkinsons as it is formerly known, is amazing. Its basically a chain store that has everything in it you could possibly need. One of my favourite un-official games is the Wilko Challenge, where you gather together a truly eclectic list of items (hair dye, toothpicks, bird feed, a specific part for a home brewing kit, a t-bar plumbing joint etc.) and see if you can get a full sweep in one Wilko shop. Normally its about an 85-90% success rate

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