Minimalism – 95 to 100 Items!!

Wo-fucking-ho, made it to 100 items!! This has been a much longer road than I expected when I started this, in part due to changes in personal life which have eaten up a lot of spare time, and some general laziness on my behalf. But I am finally here, and what a way to celebrate, with a picture of my manky old bra…

Item 95 – 98 – these were actually removed a few weeks ago, but I haven’t had time to update the list; a roll call in their honour:

  1. A spare recycling bag from the council, now made redundant by the council giving us all wheelie bins, which has been a cause for near-civil unrest with the good people of Ealing and Acton.
  2. A small paint tray – not been used for 3 years. Probably won’t be again.
  3. Small smooth paint rollers – ditto to above; used to repaint the doors in my old flat.
  4. A spare shelf support for my wardrobe shelf thing from Ikea – I basically can’t count, and bought one too many.

Items 99 and 100 – today’s mighty finds:

  1. An old bra from Primark that cost £4 and, combined with holding a landline phone to my ear with my should for a year, the reason my back is forever fucked.
  2. A pair of over the knee grey socks. Seriously, do I think I’m 22? And living in Harajuku?

And so we reach 100 items. This take my total items removed from my life to 565… I still think there is room for improvement, and I know I have replaced maybe 20% of these, but still a huge improvement on where I was a year ago 🙂


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