A New 100 Items! Items 1 to 20, and More…

OK OK OK, here goes… another 100 items to remove! That will take it to 656 items since I started this whole craziness in MAY LAST YEAR! 20 items in, so I thought it was time for an update of what’s gone, what’s next, and some other minimalist-inspired changes I am making outside of stuff reduction….

T0 kick things off, the front yard and back ‘garden’ got some attention due to the on-going joy of the rotting decking and a slug-based invasion. Long story. But after a day of proper manual labour (for me anyway, I work in an office, come on) I got rid of:

  • Two large metal bins, one small metal bin
  • Sold two long metal planters on Gumtree to a nice man named Charlie for £15, which was immediately spent on cocktails 🙂
  • Bought three pots back into into use, either to house the only living non-weed from the whole garden adventure or to hold (fake) house-plants (it’s very dark in the living room, only some specialised marine flora would survive in that room…)
  • Took one random plate to the charity shop

There are other bits that are in the process of being sorted out which will also make it onto the list when they are up and running or out of the flat for good.

What else? Well there are two notebooks  which had some notes from my Masters in them, but had mainly sat unused for 6 years… they have been used and abused as scribble pads for my revision for an upcoming exam (ooohhhh, nervous). I did start to type up the notes at the front, and then I just thought, ah whatever, they can go into recycling with the rest of the pads once all the pages have been used. DEFINITE PROGRESS.

Some general stuff also went out to charity or to the clothes bank, none of which was terribly exciting….

So coming up I am going to tackle two areas…

  1. The living room – eurgh… there is a pile of stuff that just needs sorting out and putting away. I’m pretty sure I can cull some of the books though, so might get a few bits from here.
  2. Back bedroom – oh god it’s just so full of crap. This is my Everest. If I can conquer this I will do a public victory dance in the street. And record it. And put it on here. FACT.

But there is more… if step one in my minimalist journey was removing the hoard (well underway) then step 2 is tackling some more esoteric areas, such as:

Using things and not replacing them

This is mainly around beauty stuff, which most women (including myself) have WAY TOO MUCH OFF. In particular why do I have so many face-masks/shampoos/whatever. But not being keen on throwing away usable things, and not really being in a position to offer out half used £5 bottles of stuff, I’m gonna just use them up over time, and then not buy them or any other variant again. I’ve already done this with a body exfoliant, and the moisturiser is well on its way out… it’s not going to make a radical change, but it baby steps.

Advertising emails

About 6 weeks ago I was deleting my unwanted emails from my Google account, which for me just meant swiping them all away without even looking at them. And I just thought – what is the point in even getting them then? And the chances are I am deleting a couple of relevant things in the sea of pointless advertising. So I started to unsubscribe. Every morning whilst I waited for the tube, just 5 minutes of going to the bottom of each email I didn’t want and going through the instructions to leave. Already I reckon I’m down about 90% on previous email traffic, which is awesome.

Not buying things

Sounds so simple right… but just making a conscious decision not to spend money. The most basic of this is not buying my lunches; I still treat myself to one lunch a week at the food market near work or from Marks and Spencer (LUSH!), but the rest are left-overs or home made. Saving me a tonne of cash. Also – wanted to paint, but the roller was wet. Was going to go out a buy a second one, and then thought ‘leave it to tomorrow’ and boom. No spare roller, flat is still painted. And finally – re-heeled my shoes instead of buying new ones. And they put extra grip on them, so I don’t fall over on wet ground anymore. Frugal and practical 🙂

So much for the future… will I conquer my personal Everest and finally clear the old university books, finish my DIY projects and get rid of the ‘memory box’ which mainly make up the pile of crap in the back bedroom?! Will I break and gorge myself on street food and the recently discovered gyoza bar in Covent Garden?! Will anyone crack and buy/steal the two remaining plant pots out the front?!? WHO KNOWS. Updates to follow.


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