New 100 Items! 36 to 42

I have been SO busy recently with an exciting new venture, so I have been completely neglecting my personal minimalism vibes. However things have died down a lot so I am setting myself a target to post each day this week to get up to date on what I have been doing and hopefully kick start some focus for myself again!

The biggest thing I have started to get through is my old university things; the earliest folders and pads are from 2004, running up to 2010. I really loved university, and I feel awful destroying knowledge in anyway. However, not only do I have all the files and folders I also have a lot of messed up computer files, so it is all totally disorganised and not useful to anyone. So I am very, very slowly working my way through it, sorting it out onto OneDrive so that I all I have left is virtual files which I might even be able to refer to at some point!

So far I have done one module from my masters, and have 3 more to go this week… THIS IS A BIG STEP FORWARDS!


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