A Very Minimalist Birthday To Me! And to Him!

Back in September I turned 32, and him indoors turned 40 plus a bit more. Although I had dabbled around the minimalist vibe at Christmas last year, this year I decided to ramp it up a bit, as family and friends have started to get used to the whole idea. I kick started by looking through The Minimalists Gift-Giving guide, which helped with some inspiration for non-object related ideas.

I decided to aim for about half and half on gifts against experiences; I hope that I can increase this for following celebration seasons, and start to introduce some charity giving as well.  I didn’t quite achieve my aim, but I did manage to reduce the number of new items coming in down to a tiny 2 items, pending a small gift-card spree in Selfridges which has not yet been undertaken:

  • New item 1 – FitBit Charge
  • New Item 2 – an awesome hoodie from a friend

Experience wise, I was very kindly treated to:

  • tickets to ‘Fashioning a Reign’ at Buckingham Palace, which was frickin’ awesome! Biggest takeaway – the queen is tiny, and her waist was itzy-bitzy back in the day.
  • contribution to a beauty treatment, which was spent on a lush deep tissue massage at a spa down the road. Unfortunately this might have to turn into a regular thing… whoops.

Now I am cheating a slight bit because I also got a gift voucher for John Lewis which was spent on shiny new good quality cutlery to replace the £5, 10-year old pieces of crap that I’m pretty sure were slowly giving us metal poisoning. But since it was one-in, one-out I’m counting that as a net 0.

Everything else has been recycled or used up – flowers were sent to garden waste, wine was drunk, vases were given to charity.

So overall 5/10 in effort for my birthday.

For my long suffering boyfriend, he got minimalised back for his birthday – he wanted a Go Pro, but he got a 10 week course in beginners Photography instead. So 10/10 for that effort!

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