New 100 Items! 37 to 56

So far the 100 items list is moving very slowly… but not for the reasons you’d expect. When I started the lists, I diligently recorded every item I threw away. Not because I was being extremely organised, but because it was the only way I could get rid of items; in the back of my mind if I had listed and photographed them, it was OK to remove. Otherwise, no way. But now… it’s reached a stage of kind of “meh, bin it”. Although I definitely still have some emotional attachment to items, I feel like there has been a subtle diminishing over time.

For that reason I have decided to get to the end of this list, and then stop. I’ll carry on minimising, but without capturing it in quite so much detail. I want to move on to new ventures to improve the way I live my life, some of which are in the pipeline and some which I’m sure will spring out of nowhere and inspire a change.

But for now, here goes on items 37 to 55…

  • 7 items related to my old Masters course (one of the key areas identified as having a serious emotional response; although it took time to sort these out and I still have an electronic record, I am extremely proud that I have been able to get rid of this)
  • An old monitor and wired keyboard – HDMI laptop, VGA monitor. No adapter really works, kept it pointlessly for 12 months. And now I have used a wireless keyboard and mouse at work I ain’t never going back to wired. It truly is the future.
  • A large black picture frame (formerly a mirror) – this nearly killed me once. True story. On one of my many moves in my 20’s this fell on me from the wall; instinctively i put my hand out to stop it and it went straight through the glass. The moment between my hand going through and me realising I hadn’t severed any arteries was very intense. I used to love it (for years it sat empty on a wall, save for a small black bird model I put in the middle. A very sensible friend at work was incredulous when I told her about it and still laughs about the “random bird frame” whenever I see her), but now not so much. When I realised I couldn’t think of anywhere in the house for it to live, and that I could buy a new one for less than it would cost to get a new mirror, it was time for it to go.
  • A vase that came with some flowers – really wish people would just send the flowers
  • 5 old dresses, one of which when I asked my beloved if it was work appropriate he said “only if your work involves servicing the fantasies of perverted Japanese businessman”, which I thought was unnecessarily harsh.
  • Two old handbags, both cheap and old and showing it.
  • TWO ITEMS FROM THE HOARD – so in the now reducing hoard there are 5 items of clothing, all with the intention of being fixed. I finally decided enough was enough and I sewed a missing button onto my lemon dress (so lemony) and went to shorten the straps on a black top. That didn’t work, so it went into the clothing bin. Which is a lesson learned, since I had kept that top for near on 2 years (!!) when it could have been binned AGES ago.

The remaining three items are being fixed by 31st Jan or they are going. End of.

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