Ikea Hack: Stool


Most of my non-DIY attempts at creating something end in disaster. I am not naturally artistically blessed. One of these trees is my creation; the other is my twin sisters. She stole my artistry in the womb. I stole her height. Mwhahahaha.

Anyway enough of her sickening creative talent. Many moons ago I saw an item on Pinterest (I’m not even going to pretend this was an original idea by moi) for a cool Ikea hack for a Bekvam stool and I thought “boom. I’m doing it”.

And so it was, some months after I bought the stool (don’t judge me) I set about my creative missing. Sadly whilst being enraptured with my own abilities to not fuck up a fairly simply stain/paint job, I didn’t manage to take any ‘in progress’ photos. However, my work is now complete, and I am pretty damn impressed…

Stained and Painted Bekvam Stool

This sparked a new wave of creative intent which has spawned new curtains, a refurbished curtain pole, a new bedside shelf and a re-worked kitchen cabinet, which will be uploaded onto the blog very soon.


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