Severn Valley Railway

Quick post on a great little adventure out over the Christmas period on the Severn Valley Railway (

A brief history of my association with railways:

  • In 1992 we moved to a small village between Manchester and Liverpool, through which runs the world’s first commercial railway. For this reason I have an above average knowledge of the world’s first commercial railway (also site of the world’s first commercial railway fatality on it’s opening day!). I once wrote a story about the Irish labourers who worked on it which ended up with one dying and his body sinking, preserved, in the peat bog that surrounds the line and the village; I was a morbid child.

And so ends my detailed association with railways.

So when friends invited me on the Severn Valley Railway, a 17 miles tourist route operating steam trains and olde worlde carriages on a line from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, I was interested, but not overly so. The company was the main attraction.

However it was actually pretty awesome! We purchased a Freedom of the Line ticket (£19.80) from the impossibly cute ticket office, and then passed the time for the next train having tea and eating toasted tea cakes with jam from the little cafeteria in the waiting hall. I appreciate this has all gone incredibly British right now; it doesn’t get any better!

When the train got in we managed to get a compartment in a carriage (think actual Harry Potter), and has an extremely pleasant 70 minute run straight up to Bridgnorth. We chatted most of the way, so sadly I didn’t get any photo’s of the lovely Shropshire countryside, which was looking especially lovely in the cold winter day.

We then met up with more friends and headed back to Hampton Loade, sipping brandy and hot chocolate and munching mince pies. At Hampton we visited the Unicorn Inn for food, which was good quality and plentiful even if the pub itself was fairly generic. After lunch we headed back up the line, where myself and the group had to go our seperate ways to allow me time to get back to Manchester that evening to see the fam.

Altogether, a quality day out!

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