New 100 Items! 65 to 77

Certain events have begun to focus my mind on my need to finish the big clear-out, mainly that I might need to leave my flat in September when I go back to university. Hopefully I will still be able to find a way around that issue (WHY WON’T ANYONE RENT MY SPARE ROOM?!?) but the extra incentive has meant another clear out this weekend, which is always a good thing!

A few bits came from the residual hoard which still linger at the side of my bed, including an old bedding set I was going to re-purpose for something. I think a lot of people have these project ideas, and whilst it is good to try and reuse as much as possible sometimes you just have to admit that it isn’t going anywhere fast. The bedding had been mentally put aside for making cushions for outdoor seating, but in reality this was a no-go from day 1 – it rains far too much in the UK to have permanent outdoor seats (they would literally rot away), and then the cushions would be have to stashed indoors somewhere, and I clearly don’t have space for that. So au revoir bedding, and the container that was holding you.

I also finally managed to get rid of some pictures – this had been a bit of a long running battle, and after a sort out I realised I could definitely afford to let a few go. I’m not sure about one now (a very cheap print of the Dance (I) by Matisse), but the rest I’m happy have gone to a charity shop to cheer up someone else’s wall.

I also used the joy of freebie listing on Gumtree to unload a desk to a lovely lady, and 6 metal Ikea legs (which I had also been keeping for a ‘project’!). The charity shop got another two plant pots, which I feel brings my total number of donated plant pots to about a million, plus a soap dispenser and some spare sunglasses which hurt my head so much and are pretty much unwearable after 2 hours. The soap dispenser was an interesting one; I saw an article on Houzz about dropping pointless household tasks, and pointlessly transferring soap from a bottle which has a dispenser to another, slightly prettier dispenser was definitely a pointless task.

Finally a set of old towels (admittedly replaced with new, but better quality towels) went to the clothing bank, along with a black and white skirt which I swear had been secretly swapped out for a smaller size identical version, because it absolutely used to fit but I somehow managed to tear it at the seam when I tried to get it over my arse. Seems to be happening more often recently…. 🙂


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