New 100 Items! 78 to 100 – DONE!

OMG I have been so behind on doing everything recently…. my big project at work completed, and it took up so much time and effort that I had just enough focus for that, keeping myself and the boyf fed and getting sleep and occasionally tidying the flat and that as it. But on a positive note I also finally rented the back room to a lovely lady called Sarah and her even more adorable cat Millie! But now I’m back and getting this blog going again!

I did manage to keep up with getting rid of things, including finishing the 100 items, and then going over it! So I’m setting another target of 200 items done (I’m pretty sure I said earlier in this blog I wouldn’t do this, that I was totally over recording things I get rid of, but hey ho, I apparently lied!), and I’m also finally dealing with the two remaining parts of the hoard – the university pile and the sentimental pile. Both required a slightly different approach to actually enable me to process the emotions attached to them and to actually get rid – the university stuff is being (very slowly) put onto my Office 365 account, including all the digital parts which appeared to have been split, copied, split again, copied again, filed and refiled into about 8 million different places on my computer. I’m not even joking, I keep opening a folder in a random location and finding more university things. I’m genuinely distraught that my normally exemplary filing manner failed so spectacularly!

The sentimental stuff is being dealt with bit by bit… one thing I’ve noticed whilst watching programmes about hoarders is that they can’t get rid of things because they are afraid of forgetting the story. This is something I can totally understand – I have exactly the same feeling. So I’m going to start telling the story on this blog – I’m not sure how interesting it will be for everyone, but if it helps I’ve got to give it a try.

Anyone, back to the title of the blog, and onto the 78 to 100 items:

  • 4 sets of pyjamas – I don’t like wearing clothes in bed, how many pyjama sets do I honestly need?
  • Random fold out garden chair – bought on a whim in Ikea about a year ago… I totally regressed that day!
  • Stackable recycling bins – yay for not having to split your recycling anymore! Progress rocks!
  • E photo frame – I compulsively took this from my Gran when she didn’t need it, and then never used it in 3 years
  • 3 x scarves – why do I have so many scarves?!?
  • Plate for a plant pot – I guess I inherited this from the previous flat resident
  • Another fucking scarf – made this one into a cushion cover after the boyf annihilated my old cushion cover by sitting heavily on the cushion and literally exploding it. He’s not fat, just big boned 🙂 🙂
  • Red dress – OMG I had intended to take this in for about 3 years. Guess what, never did it. Goodbye.
  • Army top – see above, but I only had it for about a year. Baby steps.
  • Japanese cat picture box – this came with a picture in it, I thought it was cute. I don’t really know what I intended to do with it.
  • Radiator drying racks – #lifehack measure your radiators before you buy drying racks, because if the racks are then too long they are entirely pointless.
  • 2 x notepads – OH OH OH first university things – these notepads had random scribble in them which has all been sorted out and digitised. One was recycled and another (which had hardly been used) is heading off to uni with me in Sept.
  • 2 x books on numerical and verbal reasoning – needed for the GMAT for uni, hopefully never needed again!

C’est Fin.


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