The Last 100 Items!

I have successfully removed another 100 items from my life, and made some nice steps towards dealing with some trickier emotional issues in relation to collecting and holding onto things unnecessarily. Although it took a long time, I’m really glad I persevered; I feel like I have got my mojo back with minimalism (I started listening to The Minimalists podcast recently which has helped as well). And so for a quick summary…

I started the next 100 items in July 2016, and finished in May 2017. So yeah it took a really long time!

I recycled 88% of everything removed (Goods) – only a few things were put into the rubbish:

  • Flip flops – completely broken
  • Two bikinis – ew, you cannot recycle bikini bottoms. Sorry but no.
  • 8 bits of very old, very crappy make-up

Of the 88 items that went to recycling, the majority went to the clothing bank or to the charity shop (46), some went into the recycling bins or the tip (18) and the rest were either sold or made useful (Where Did It Go).

I’m already a few items into the next round, which is 200 items… so I guess I’ll have another update in about 2 years 🙂 🙂

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