2 – Hermes Cards/Flat ’12

In early 2012 I bought my first (and currently only) flat. Given that it was an empty flat and I was in rented accommodation it took a ridiculously long time, so by April I was desperate to move in… the day I was due to exchange I had a crazy afternoon with expensive scarves!

I was hanging around in Manchester city centre, waiting to pick up the keys for the flat. One of my best friend was in town working on a pop-up stand for Hermes  in Selfridges, so I went down to kill some time. The stand was pretty quiet on a Friday afternoon, so we basically just had a complete blast tying ourselves up with £600+ silk scarves and having professional photos taken. As a takeaway I got some scarf knotting cards, which I have faithfully carried around with me for 5 years since but whose time have come to go on to a new home with someone who will love them.

Finally I got the call that my keys were ready, and I went running off, the start of a whole new part of my life. I have always said that getting that flat changed my life; it gave me the space to learn about myself, to grow as a person in an environment of my own creation. But that afternoon spent playing with scarves stayed with me for much longer… it was fun, innocent and joyously unexpected. My friend is in Australia now; I owe him more time than I give him and I miss him a lot.

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