New 200 Items! Items 1 to 33

I’ve kicked off a fresh 200 items list to keep the focus on the minimalist vibes!

This weekend has mainly been about going through the books and DVDs and some random wardrobe items (yellow shoes, worn once and an obscenely short dress). I also took another good look at my makeup collection and realised I really hadn’t been brutal enough about a number of things (purple eye-shadow and some gunky nail polish anyone!?!).

I finally recycled a clock that basically could only be set once at midnight, as the hour hand didn’t work. Every time the clocks changed, or it got accidentally switched off, I had to play the waiting game… which frankly is a bit ridiculous when I didn’t even need it in the first place! And I put a couple more notepads (one filled up with random notes from circa 2015 and another for noting dysfunctions, bought when I was going through a deeper phase of thinking) into the recycling bins for next week’s pick up.

Finally, a few weeks ago I went on an epic trek across the country to return a million f*cking records to my ex-housemates parents, which he kindly borrowed from them in 2007, and then left with me to ‘look after’ when he moved to London in 2009… so basically I have shifted these records on 5 house moves, across Manchester, Salford and eventually down to London. Which is ridiculous, since they weigh a tonne, I don’t have a record player to play them, and they aren’t even mine! So even though I had to take a 90 mile detour on my way back from a trip up north, it was totally worth it to finally get them back to their rightful owners.

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