Mumbai, India – Apr ’17

I finally went to India! But only with work, so not as much sightseeing but a whole lot more fun Indian stuff.

I was only there for a week, staying at a rather lush Marriott hotel in East Mumbai, not too far from the office. It was in an interesting part of town; crazy busy, with lorries, tuk-tuks, cars, bicycles and pedestrians everywhere. Although I only managed to visit the office and the hotel, I decided to walk down most days, which gave me the chance to see some of the craziness first hand – including my absolutely all-time favourite pointless sign, which indicated that use of the horn was restricted. This is in a country where if you haven’t used the horn within the last 30 seconds other drivers start to think you might have died at the wheel. It’s basically an obligatory part of driving.

Despite not being able to get out and see any sights, I did get to go to some amazing Indian restaurants with the guys from the office, including one epic fish joint whose name I have no recollection of because we’d also had a fair few beers by this point as well. Another amazing eating adventure was with my British Indian colleague, who took me out for Thaalis, a all-you-can-eat platter of different foods. I went small out of politeness and immediately regretted it! I also tried out some street food, the ordering of which was handled by my boss, whilst I attracted slightly sideways stares from other eaters. Basically the whole trip was eating; the Indian staff made sure I was kept in all sorts of delicacies throughout the week, and topped up on Masala Chai tea each day (in case you’re wondering, think normal tea but if someone had stirred it with a spoon recently used in curry powder – it’s ok).

I definitely want to get back India soon; it’s an amazing country, the people are excellent and I imagine you could spend a year there and only see (or eat!) 5% of everything on offer.

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