Adverts Suck

I stole that. Blatantly.

I have felt like my minimalist vibes have been dying off recently; I have still been getting rid of stuff, but I felt like I was losing some of the drive. So, as previously mentioned, I started listening to The Minimalist podcast, and one of the things that resonated with me is the lack of adverts. I listen to quite a lot of podcasts, and ARRRRGGGHHHHHH the adverts drive me literally insane. Ditto websites; it’s so extremely painful when you have to scroll past a massive advert, or where the formatting is screwed up because someone is trying to flog you a new sofa (or whatever your last Google search was).

But recently I realised that I was just talking the talk, not walking the walk. Being a tight b*tch, I wasn’t paying a penny for this website… but instead that meant that users had advertising visible. Which is not very minimalist of me… so it came to pass that I had to crack open the wallet, dust down the debit card, and poneyed up the £30 for the annual personal use licence to remove advertising. I feel good for it, although it hurt a bit 🙂 And now onwards to more minimalism!


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