Milton Park – Cambridge

Getting out and about around the new town.  

I needed to get rid of some redundant electrical items (more news to follow!) so I headed out of town to go to the tip. Thanks to Google I ended up heading down some murder lane in the actual wilds, which for someone from London/Manchester was just super unnerving. If it had been paved, grimy and sandwiched between two factories I would have been sooooo much happier… on the way back I decided to detour to Milton Park, which had been planning to do a 5km park-run around but actually not made it (for 5 weeks, whoops!).

Apparently it was created from old gravel pits, and it’s lovely! There are two big lakes, and a lot of smaller ones dotted around between streams and drainways, interspersed with paths and woods. I definitely think this place it going to turn into an escape from MBA/university stress (more on that soon as well!). Some quick picks below…

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