New 200 Items! 33 to 62

It has been too long. The MBA has stolen my life, but I am determined to try and get it back a little bit. First up, bringing the tale of the on-going minimalism challenge up to date…

So way back in September, we moved house (again!). Although I have admitted that I may not have got rid of as much stuff as I thought I really did try to declutter before the move. This is how behind I am on this blog that I am only now able to update the items I got rid of just before that move!

  • White curtains – oh, this is so sad. So I made myself an awesome little day bed (more on that soon!) for the backyard, and I was going to use these curtains as a shade. However summer was a bit of a washout, and then we had an actual catastrophe when a drain blocked and flooded the backyard with raw sewage, which took 4 weeks to clean up in total. In the end, I only got 2 uses of the daybed, and never got round to making the shade… so the curtains went on Gumtree.
  • During the big declutter pre-move, a LOT of stuff went from the kitchen and bathroom. These were one of the first places I sorted when I started the minimalism way back in 2014/15, and things had just snuck back in. Placemats, vases, fake flowers, aprons, weird tea strainers… I’m pretty sure someone is breaking in and just putting this stuff in my house!
  • The funniest… a BOOK ON REDUCE, RECYCLE AND REUSE, which went to the charity shop!
  • A couple of bits of clothing that I was unlikely to wear again, including mint green leggings – yikes!
  • Some old DIY stuff, no longer needed
  • A Tupperware cereal holder bought post-Ratgate (rats invaded my flat, I’m still not ready to talk about it)
  • Finally, a frisbee (drunkenly stolen from a pub)

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