In my on-going mission to get some of my life back from the grasp of the MBA, I have set myself a challenge to do one outstanding DIY-task each week for the next 5 weeks. And I am happy to report that week 1 has been a success!

In 2016 I was sat in Warsaw airport waiting for a transfer flight from Krakow to London Heathrow, and whilst playing around eBay I saw a cool AF buck chair 2 miles from my house that had 45 seconds left to buy and was only £4. Now, obviously, I am a minimalist zen guru who is never tempted to just buy things randomly in airports whilst bored. And yet somehow I came to own the chair. And I LOVE it! The lady I bought it from was an absolute doll, and the state of her garage made me feel much better about my own hoarding.

It needed a bit of love though, and only 1 year and 9 months later (almost a record!) I finally got around to fixing it. The cover on the base needed re-stapling, which was a tiny quick job, and the silver legs were showing some damage and a patina. Looking at the chair I thought it had a great American mid-century vibe and that bringing out a nice gold accent would really work.

Luckily I had some white primer and gold spray, and yeah, basically really easy… primer, let it dry for 24 hours, gold spray on the top-side of the legs, let it dry again for 24 hours and then gold spray on the underside. Loving it!

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