Norwich Cathedral

We went to Norwich and found a nice cathedral and some Morris Dancers!

A couple of months ago I was feeling bad about not getting out and doing any exploring, so over the April bank holiday weekend, we went on a slightly rainy adventure to Norwich, a town about 40 miles from Cambridge. Norwich is one of those strange places that used to be very, very important – founded somewhere between 924 and 939, with a strong Anglo-Scandinavian link due to the persistent presence of Vikings in East Anglia during the period, it sat at the centre of the wool trade that made the city extremely wealthy throughout the Middle Ages. As a result, there are a lot of big, fancy old buildings just hanging around, including the cathedral.

And it is super! Other cathedrals may get the cultural nod (Ely and Lincoln nearby for example), but Norwich is cute, and not overly intimidating. They had a lovely art exhibition in the nave called Light Unveiled by Pierre Debatty, whilst the small chapels around The Ambulatory were beautiful. The staff were super nice, with visits free excluding a donation. We also visited the new cafe on site, whose staff were lovely but had unfortunately run out of food, so don’t go late! All in 9/10, definitely worth a visit.

After finding out the cafe had no food we went Sunday Lunch-hunting and found The Wig and Pen, which is an Olde Worlde pub just north of the cathedral. Lunch was tres magnifique, and best of all THERE WAS A MORRIS DANCING COMPETITION outside. If you don’t know what that is, watch and learn my friend, watch and learn. This is what counted as entertainment in England for a long, long time…

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