Milano Darling!

I went on a quick trip to Milan… mainly for a hen party (which won’t be discussed in full detail, what goes on tour stays on tour) but squeezed in a bit of sight-seeing as well! 

I arrived at the central station, fresh of a cheap coach from the far away airport that Ryanair laughingly calls Milan (Bergamo). I was fresh from a perceived victory – avoided being tricked into extra charges, and got everything into 1 small bag allowed on the plane 🙂 Walking to the hotel near Turro tube stop took about 40 minutes, but the weather was lush and it allowed me to wander through lesser-known streets. Sadly my phone was extremely low on battery, so only one photo 😦

We ate that night at Il Tegamino on Via Matteo Maria Boiardo, which was a bit shambolic – half of us got food, the other half didn’t, and then we were left with just desserts from the fridge as they had closed the kitchen. We then went off just over the river to Ragoo, and drank cocktails and sat out in the warm evening. It was extremely Mediterranean, and if the UK wasn’t currently basking in a heatwave I would have been very depressed when I got back.

The next day we ate and chilled in the sun, before heading out to for aperitivo at a great bar overlooking the Cathedral and just inside the Duomo di Milano. We drank Aperol Spritz and felt extremely fancy. We were back on the tube to the Naviglio area, which houses bars and restaurants along the canal, and ate at Asso Di Fiori Osteria Dei Formaggi. We all got our food this time! Which was a good thing, because, after some more cocktails, we headed to Old Fashion Club up behind the castle, and stayed partying in their very lovely outdoor terrace until 4am.

The next morning I dragged myself out and went first back to The Duomo and the Cathedral, before walking up to the Castle and then finally over to Bosco Verticale, a skyscraper built to incorporate trees and greenery, which I had been architecture-stalking for a number of years… then I just had to get back through the Ryanair gauntlet (success), celebrate the first of 6 England goals against Panama (the rest would be scored whilst I was in the air), before a triumphant return back to Cambridge, which was lazily basking at 28 degrees and doing it’s best to pretend to be Italy 🙂

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