2019 New Year Resolutions

So… it’s been a while.

Just over two years ago I wrote about New Year’s Resolutions and the importance of only changing things that make you unhappy, rather than superficial things. I love that blog and I stand by every word, but I am going to add another reason – to give yourself a challenge.

This year I have set four goals, and so far I have ACTUALLY stuck to them! Almost! My first goal was to do 50 Parkruns, which is my lovely little challenge resolution. For those not in the know, Parkrun is a free 5km that happens at 9am each Saturday at loads of places here in the UK and all sorts of other countries. I wanted to challenge myself to perform regular exercise, mainly so that I don’t get fat. I am literally that shallow. I had 6 runs under my belt before the start of the year, and I’ve missed 1 for illness, 1 for cancellation due to winter storms, 2 for holidays and 1 that I BLOODY DID BUT FORGOT MY GOD DAMN BARCODE TO RECORD THE RESULTS GRRRR. I have 1 more I can miss and still make my 50… eek!

I was also unhappy about the amount of time I wasted on social media – Twitter is an absolute life suck. I had tried deleting everything from my phone but fell off the wagon multiple times… so I decided to do a bit of actual self-reflection (deep, I know) and realised that basically parts of life are super boring, and I filled those gaps with playing on my phone. So I needed something to fill that boring time that was perhaps a bit more stretching than watching people scream abuse at each across the Twitter void. Two books and an audiobook a month keeps me focussed without being overwhelming and making me want to bale. So far I’m one book down, but I think I can make it back 🙂

The final goal is to start to work through my ‘box of things that sound fun’… I have a horrible habit of seeing things I think would be awesome, then forgetting about them. So about a year ago, I started writing them on Post-its and putting them in a tin. This goal has been a bit of a failure so far, BUT I did go on holiday to Australia which wasn’t in the box but I think provides more than an adequate excuse. Blog to follow shortly I’m sure on that little adventure, and I will do my best to update on all other resolution progress.

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