2019 Resolutions – First Update

Time for an update! 2018/2019 I set myself four resolutions… so let’s have an update! First up, the most successful of all the commitments – 50 Parkruns!

The challenge was to complete 50 Parkruns by the end of 2019. I had four in the bag going into the year,  which meant a total of 46 out of an available 53 (one every Saturday at 9am, plus Christmas day). Easy peasy… so let’s start with all the reasons I did not do a Parkrun:

  1. 19th January – poorly with general winter cold (skived it)
  2. 2nd February – local Parkrun cancelled due to storm, only found out when arrived
  3. 9th March – flying to Australia, arrive in Hong Kong on Sunday so couldn’t do one there (gutted)
  4. 16th March – wanted to do this one so much to get one up on my friend Jen, as it would have been on the East Coast of Australia – alas, my legs were so sunburnt that I would have quite literally done the entire thing weeping profusely, from both my eyes and my blistered legs
  5. 23rd March – actually did the Parkrun, but had lost the ticket somewhere on my adventures. Strict rules, not counted on the Parkrun website so not counted
  6. 27th April – graduating from Cambridge, starting at 8am, so no chance
  7. 11th May – have to go into work to meet an electrician

From that point on it was all good – every Saturday, come rain or shine. And in England, rain is more frequent than shine, even in summer. By Parkrun #46, on 7th December, it was all on track – as long as I did the remaining three Saturdays of the year, plus Christmas Day, I would totally achieve my goal. I’d run through excruciating hangovers, England rugby World Cup failures, last-minute location changes and personal tragedy, and then… I fractured my left foot and severely damaged my right foot in the stupidest possible accident ever. I mean so dumb that really Cambridge should rescind that MBA.

Soooooooooo I have decided to count this resolution as a success. I cannot complete the 50 before the end of the year, but the first Saturday I can run again I will be back out there because I actually, legitimately miss it already.

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